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« en: 25 de Junio de 2008, 08:50:41 am »
Listado de las 100 migraciones a Linux más importantes

Published by admin at 4:47 pm under Migraciones, SoftLibre

Scott Morris, autor del blog, acaba de publicar su lista particular (que lleva elaborando desde hace años) con información sobre  las 100 principales empresas e instituciones que han migrado a Linux.
Aqui os dejo un enlace por si quereis figurar en el Mapa de Migraciones a GNU/Linux:


Major Linux Migrations: An Unbelievable List of Nearly 100 From Around the Globe
by Scott Morris @ 6:58 am. Filed under Linux migrations

Thoroughly thrilled at the thought of Munich’s progress switching to Linux, I have actually been tracking and logging such migrations for a long time. As a matter of fact, on my OpenSUSE Linux blog, I offer a course wherein I explore all of the migrations of which I am aware. I wanted to share that list with ya’ll.

The explosive growth of the Linux operating system has literally taken the world by storm and by surprise. With the many migrations to Linux, my interest was piqued. I wanted to delve into the details of who was actually switching. Is all of the excitement just from the novelty of a few groups switching over? Or is all the excitement coming from migration after migration of many different organizations? Are that many people really making the switch?

So I hit the trail, hoping to create some kind of order out of the chaos. For several months, I searched out relevant articles outlining migrations to Linux. When it was finally finished, I compiled it all here.

After some extensive research, I uncovered some fascinating trends in Linux migration. Check out this impressive list of companies, organizations, and other entities who have switched over to Linux:

U.S. Military Forces

      U.S. Army
          o Wind River wins Boeing deal with Army
          o Linux headed into Boeing antisub aircraft
          o New Battlefield Robots “Listen” for Enemy Fire Use Linux
          o Army leans toward Linux for FCS
          o Linux helps RTOS vendor win major defense contract
          o Linux in Camouflage
          o LynuxWorks: A case study in combat-ready Linux

      U.S. Navy
          o Linux in Government: OSS in the US Navy?
          o Powerful Linux OS-based SGI system to serve as U.S. military computing prototype

      U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps
          o Linux getting widespread support from government
          o The Penguin Continues Its March

      U.S. Air Force and Army - Linux clusters gear up for simulated combat

      U.S. Department of Defense - IBM To Build Supercomputer for US Military

      Pentagon & Department of Defense - OF ARMS AND LINUX

      Army National Guard - Army National Guard Using Linux

      Autonomous Military Ground Vehicle
          o Linux powers autonomous military ground vehicle
          o Commercial Linux to power military drone

      U.S. Military - US Military Testing IBM Speech Translation Technology

Governments Worldwide Using Linux

      U.S. Government - SGI and Fed Centric Secure U.S. Government Order for Massive, Cost-Efficient Enterprise Computing System

      United Kingdom
          o UK government report gives nod to open source
          o U.K. looking to Linux with help from IBM
          o UK eyes Linux desktop for government agencies with IBM pilot program
          o Open Source ready for prime time in, says OGC

      Switzerland - Swiss government switches 3,000 systems to Linux

      Japan - Japan Moves to Adopt Linux for Government

          o Norway reports additional benefits from move to Linux
          o Linux ensnares another European city

          o Israel Suspends Acquisitions Of Microsoft Software
          o Israeli Government Snubs Microsoft

          o Chinese Linux Developer Joins Open-Source Group
          o Asian Linux companies join forces to advance Debian Linux
          o Red Flag joins OSDL’s drive for Linux in China

          o Linux brings hope to Spain’s poorest region
          o Linux in Spain
          o Europe’s Microsoft Alternative

          o Labor backs open source software for e-government projects
          o Victoria Partnership for Academic Computing chooses Linux

      South Korean Government
          o Korea launches a switch to open source
          o South Korean govt goes open source
          o Koreans plan giant open-source project
          o Linux gets a love letter from South Korea
          o South Korea moves 4,700 public desktops to Linux

      Brazilian Government
          o Brazil loves Linux - true
          o Open source: Brazil shies away from Redmond
          o Brazil to go open source
          o IBM takes Linux consulting to Brazil
          o Brazil Gives Nod to Open Source
          o Brazil “just says ‘No!’” to Microsoft
          o Brazil trains government sector on Linux

      Venezuelan Government
          o Venezuela’s Government Shifts to Open Source Software
          o Public administration will use free software
          o Venezuela Embraces Linux and Open Source Software, but Faces Challenges

          o Italians revolt against Microsoft supremacy
          o Italy and Open Source Software

      Indonesia - Indonesia adopts JDS on Linux as a national desktop

      Dutch Government
          o Dutch govt ends exclusive MS upgrade talks

          o Large Danish public sector IT provider supports open standards

          o India leader advocates open source
          o Acer launches Linux desktop
          o Linux Finishes Second Among Oracle Developers
          o Linux makes inroads into India
          o Banking On Linux, Literally: IDBI Bank

          o Taiwan opens door to open source
          o Taiwan promotes open-source software

      Russian Government
          o IBM Helps the UK and Russian Governments Adopt Linux
          o Government Projects Boost Support for Open Source
          o IBM And Russian Ministry To Promote Linux Adoption
          o To Russia, with Linux

      Mexico City
          o Mexico City Says Hola to Linux
          o In Mexico, Net Not a Priority

      Peruvian Congressman - Ending Microsoft FUD: An Interview with Peruvian Congressman Villanueva

          o Linux saves Singapore’s national library 30% over Windows 2003
          o Singapore housing saves money with Linux

      California - California considers open-source shift

      Mississippi - Mississippi deal a landmark for Linux in government

      Chicago, IL - City Of Chicago Migrates To Red Hat Enterprise Linux

      Austin, TX - Austin tests desktop Linux waters

      Boston, MA - Proprietary software–banned in Boston?

      Garden Grove, CA - Linux Means Business to the City of Garden Grove

      Largo, FL
          o Largo loves Linux more than ever
          o City saves with Linux, thin clients

      Minister of Science and Technology in Costa Rica - Excerpt from Meeting with Costa Rica’s Minister of Science and Technology

      London borough of Newham, Birmingham - Birmingham City Council claims open-source success

      French Parliament - Au Revoir: French Parliament Drops Microsoft

      Vienna, Austria
          o Vienna to softly embrace Linux
          o Vienna to offer employees Linux desktops

      Munich, Germany
          o LiMux The Penguin: Deep into Munich’s Linux F/OSS migration
          o Munich breaks with Windows for Linux
          o Munich to stick with open source
          o Germany-funded Linux software arriving
          o Munich expected to make move to Linux official
          o Novell, HP team on Linux initiative for German municipalities

      Amsterdam - Amsterdam Will Give Open Source a Try

      Kardjali, Bulgaria - Bulgaria also goes Free and Open Source in the city of Kardjali

      Province of Genoa, Italy - Genoa launches Open Source platform

      Paris, France
          o Paris eyes open-source switch
          o Paris may favour gradual switch from MS to open sourc

      Several Other World Governments
          o Governments push open-source software
          o Governments vote against Microsoft
          o The government open source dynamic
          o Linux Making Gains In Government Market [Boston Globe]

Financial Institutions Using Linux

      Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
          o China’s biggest bank makes switch to Linux
          o Turbolinux adopted by China’s largest bank
          o China’s Biggest Bank Makes Switch to Linux
          o China’s biggest bank makes switch to Linux
          o Linux in China: Turbolinux Nails Big Chinese Bank
          o China’s largest bank switches to Linux
          o China’s biggest bank makes switch to Linux
          o Largest Bank in China Switches From SCO Unix to Linux
          o China’s biggest bank makes switch to Linux

      TSB Bank (New Zealand), Banca Commerciale Italiana (Italy) - More foreign banks switching to Linux

      Indian Banks
          o Banking on Linux
          o Banking On Linux, Literally: IDBI Bank
          o Linux a BIG hit in India

      Banrisul Bank (Brazil) - Linux Online Interviews

      French bank Societe Generale - Societe Generale boosts risk management with Linux switch

      Allied Irish Banks - Linux finds Irish banking champion

      Royal Bank of Scotland - Royal Bank of Scotland opts for open source intranet

      Western & Southern Financial Group - Financial group trusts Linux platform to protect customers’ assets

Companies and Corporations

      Teradata - Teradata puts its weight behind Suse Linux - Amazon saves millions with Linux switch

      Pixar - Pixar switches from Sun to Intel

      U.S. Postal Service - Linux delivers for U.S. Postal Service

      Redmayne-Bentley, UK stock brokerage firm - Unisys Open Source Migration Helps UK Brokerage Streamline Operations

      Telstra, telecommunications giant in Australia - Telstra eyes Linux [iTNews Australia]

      Companies in the Middle East - Linux operating system secures place on Middle East’s technology agenda

      Elcot (Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu) - India’s largest Linux rollout forges ahead despite tremendous odds

      NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest cellular carrier - Japan’s #1 cellular carrier adopts Linux for 3G phones

      Lawson - IBM sells 15,000 Linux servers to Japanese chain

      Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Hilfiger Chooses IBM and Linux for E-Business Infrastructure

      Travelocity - Travelocity’s flight to open systems

      BSNL Selects Linux As The Foundation For Its Distributed Architecture
          o BSNL Selects Linux As The Foundation For Its Distributed Architecture
          o BSNL broadband using Linux

      Indian Railway Catering and Tourism - Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Opts For Oracle E-Business Suite

      Britannia Building Society (UK Mortgate Firm) - Linux migration saves money

      Global clients of Sun Microsystems - Global Sun clients choose Linux

      Other Companies Worldwide - Linux in emerging markets

Educational Institutions

      United Federation of Teachers in New York - Teachers Union Turns to Open Source

      Indiana Department of Education - Hoosier Daddy? In Indiana Schools, It’s Linux

      Chinese Schools - China to install 142,000 Linux PCs in classrooms

      Schools in the U.K.
          o Open Source worthy of “serious consideration” by schools, UK agency advises
          o UK tech specialist school pioneers open source switch

      South African Schools
          o Bringing open source software to schools
          o Ten schools in Cape Town outfitted with 200 Linux-based PCs

      Chilean Schools
          o Linux gets warm reception in Chile
          o Chilean government moves to Linux in high schools

      Italian Schools - Linux displaces 2,460 Windows XP desktops in rural Italian schools

      Macedonian Schools - Macedonia installs 5,000 Linux PCs in schools

      Mexican Schools - Mexican Schools Embrace Linux

Other Migrations to Linux

      NASA Microgravity Experiment - Linux Out of the Real World

      NASA supercomputer - NASA’s Columbia Supercomputer Is World’s Fastest

      Library - Library system migrates from Linux — to more Linux

      Opus Healthcare - title=”Opus Healthcare application vendor switches to Linux

      New South Wales - Linux powers nation’s largest satellite network

      Ernie Ball, the world’s leading maker of premium guitar strings - Rockin’ on without Microsoft

          o Argentina cries out for Linux
          o Argentina Embraces the Penguin

      Malaysia - Malaysia: On the verge of an open source revolution?

      General Asian Interest - 2003: the year of Asian Linux

      Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - Unix maintenance costs spur Ohio EPA’s Linux adoption

      South African Revenue Service - SA tax man eyes desktop Linux

      Capital Cardiology Associates’ (CCA) - Doctor prescribes Linux for more reliable networks, lower cost

      Polish Linux Distribution - Polish Linux

      African Continent - Africa: The Linux Continent?

      African Medical Field - Using Ubuntu Linux to solve South Africa’s Medical Issues


Summarily, a great many are switching to Linux. Remember that the list of migrations provided above is not comprehensive. As a matter of fact, it would be quite impossible to include them all. Even with this limited amount of research, it is obvious that there are some major players making the move. And it’s not just a couple of small-time organizations, unless you consider the U.S. Military small-time.

Evidently, several banks have switched to Linux, also. Why would they make the switch to Linux? They must trust in its security. A bank has a great deal to lose if its security is breached.

Could it be that Linux is a great option? Evidence makes it sure appear to be, doesn’t it?

Linux has a great deal to offer. It is a robust operating system used by major military and governmental organizations throughout the world. At the same time, it is easy enough that my grandmother could use it. And it is free. And it is rock-solid secure. Incredible, to say the least.

Thinking about migrating? No time like the present.
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« Respuesta #1 en: 25 de Junio de 2008, 08:53:18 am »
Arrakis tiene que ser un articulo muy interesante, pero yo tengo un problema no entiendo el idioma de la " Perfida Alvión " ;D


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« Respuesta #2 en: 25 de Junio de 2008, 08:59:57 am »
Hola DarkMiguel mas bien lo he puesto por curiosidad,saltate el prologo y dale un vistazo a la lista,es increible como esta calando Linux entre los Gerifantes,una pregunta ¿creeis que si algun dia Linux desbanca a Microsoft,entrara en peligro la seguridad  de Linux?


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Perdona arrakis , por mi falta de ortografia ;D

  Pérfida Albión

Solo entiendo las primeras palabras ???

No te molestes arrakis :D
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« Respuesta #4 en: 25 de Junio de 2008, 09:08:36 am »
No te preocupes lo entendi perfectamente esta bien claro.Creo que si todos hablaramos esperanto no habrian tantos desaguisos con los idiomas,ja,ja,ja.(¿Una distro en esperanto,nos entenderiamos todos,anglos y latinos?)



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« Respuesta #5 en: 25 de Junio de 2008, 06:02:56 pm »

  La lista es impresionante arrakix, muchas de ellas las he ido leyendo según fueron produciéndose, cada vez me entusiasmaba mas. En esperanto no entenderíamos ni papa jejeje, pero de hecho linux es tan bueno que está como opción al instalar la distribución :D, es cierto la proxima vez que instaleis comprobadlo.

        Un saludo


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